“As a supporter of the arts and artists, I showed up at the AWAKE event expecting well-meaning performers doing their best.  What I found was a level and variety of talent and that I could never have expected.  The atmosphere was intimate, personal and inviting.  I will leave out how empowering it was for women to see other women express, but it was truly worth while.  It has the energy of something new, exciting and heartfelt.  I suspect we will be hearing a lot more from this budding outlet for women’s self expression.”
Edward Fletcher

“After attending AWAKE’s inaugural event, I left elated and inspired by the energy, beauty, talent, and ambiance of the evening. The boldness of Abby’s mission to showcase, support, honor, and galvanize women is also to be commended as she creates a platform for growth and expansion for artistic women in particular, and ALL women in general! I’ll be back, and will continue to pass the word!” – Lon Nie

“So honored to have been a part of this movement in LA. AWAKE was beautiful and inspiring. I hope to be involved in the next one, Abby Wake! Thank you for creating such a beautiful amalgamation of talented women. It was so nice to meet them all and experience each of their beautiful and unique talents!” – Honey LaRochelle

“The first event blew me away. Lady artists, of all kinds, get a hold of Abby Wake. She’s creating something extraordinary, building a community, a haven.” – Jodi Scott Elliott


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