AWAKE has been featured online, as well as in a documentary. Check out our beautiful video footage, and click the links below to read the full articles on what the community is saying about AWAKE.

“Eyes of the World” TV Documentary Series, filmed by Vanessa Crocini

Entertainment Voice

“AWAKE is a staple for any artistic soul, searching for an inclusive experience and to be surrounded by some of the best, young talent in Los Angeles…Created with the idea that women could turn their insecurities and personal fears into art, AWAKE has become a home for many artists that have continued to grow careers and develop the community.”

The Women’s Wire

“AWAKE is a safe space where artists of all genres, including poets, musicians, actors, etc, have a chance to take the stage and showcase their talents. AWAKE encourages honesty which helps to awaken the artist’s truest and most raw talent; releasing any ego.”


“AWAKE is unique because it cherishes the female artist giving them hope in such a crazy city, and knowing that a sisterhood is true and available even though we tell ourselves it doesn’t exist. AWAKE is the home that is needed for women to feel alive and worthy in Los Angeles.”

The Silhouettic

“Woman after woman gets [on stage] and performs. They pull out their hearts, extend it to you in their palms. It’s still beating. Still bleeding. It is beautiful to behold. Each one different from the last one, each one just as important. You take it in. You laugh. You cry. You hold your hand to your own chest. Feel your own pulse. You think, this is it. This is why I do this. This is why we’re here.

Sherilyn Lee

“This has been an opportunity to be in conversation and connection with many artists and fans of the spoken word.  After my readings, I am touched and humbled by the real-time, in-person reactions from the audience – this is truly being a writer in the world.  This experience has affected and challenged my creative process.”

AWAKE Flyer:



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