Meet the Team

Abby Wake | Founder & Visionary


Abby has been an artist from the moment she started moving her legs and using her voice. She grew up a dancer in Kansas and moved to Los Angeles at seventeen to pursue that dream professionally. She performed in several music videos with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Daddy Yankee, and Kelly Rowland and found herself, nor surprisingly, wanting for fulfillment in the realm of acting. She can currently be seen in her recurring role on Navy Street, a new scripted series premiering on DirectTV.

Though Abby still enjoys the hustle of the dream, she also wants to give back, especially where the women artists of Los Angeles are concerned, which was the inspiration for AWAKE. A sanctuary for women artists to come together, create, thrive, perform, and feel awakened and supported in their art. She is currently holding events in preparation of opening her space next year.

“I believe this is a movement that will not only touch women but men as well. I want for all artists to be able to find their power, to feel confident and beautiful in their talents. I want to create a place where everyone leaves feeling inspired and for everyone to want to share and be a part of celebrating art and artists. I am so excited about AWAKE, by the possibilities and the beauty it can bring to this town.”

Facebook: Abby Wake / AWAKE (Community Page)

Instagram: @wakeabby714

Email: awakeartists714[at]gmail[dot]com

Caroline Klidonas | Blog Manager & Head Writer


Caroline stumbled into AWAKE as a young actor, newly relocated to LA. After attending a show as an audience member, she was called to get involved in whatever way she could as soon as possible. At the next show, she performed her original spoken word poetry, and has continued doing so since. AWAKE was exactly the type of artistic community Caroline always hoped to find when she moved across the country to pursue a career as an actor. Uninspired by the Hollywood auditioning scene, AWAKE was a catalyst for Caroline cracking wide open as an artist and embracing her authentic voice. She founded her own blog, The Silhouettic, where she is currently committed to writing and producing new spoken word pieces in order to encourage her audience to lead authentic, heart-centered lives.

The Silhouettic:

Facebook: The Silhouettic (page)

Instagram: @thesilhouettic

Email: cklidonas[at]gmail[dot]com


3 thoughts on “Meet the Team

  1. Simply wish to have more information. Stumbled upon Awake and I am intrigued. Do you have a mailing list so I may be kept up to date. Definitely wish to attend next show.


    1. Hi Karina!
      There is a show every Thursday evening. We do not have a mailing list, but if you subscribe to our blog (first box on our right sidebar) you can get email notifications every time we post. We always post about a show with all of the details.


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