Kookaburra Sits in The Old Gum Tree…….


I know this is going to sound crazy, but Australia reminds me of Kansas. Kansas, even though when I was living there seemed quiet and boring, the comfort I felt of home was apparent and I longed for it, in my years in Los Angeles.

Australia is Home. I can see why so many people want to move to this gorgeous country, because the comfort and love you feel is contagious. The moment I got off the plane in Brisbane, everyone was welcoming and kind.

“Welcome to Brisbane!”

“How are you? Do you need assistance?”

“Where are you headed?”


I responded very overwhelmed because I don’t remember the last time, someone has asked me how I was, let alone if I needed help. I was in love automatically, and I hadn’t even left the airport yet.

While driving home, seeing the green brought a smile to my face. Australia is  beautiful and green, living in L.A you forget the beauty of greenery and how meditative and calm it makes you feel. The beauty of quiet, no cars honking, and bouncing kangaroos is heaven..heaven.

Australia is in the end of winter but the weather has been beyond gorgeous, I sit outside on a daily basis, and feel comfortable and at home, embracing sounds of nature and birds, while reading/writing posts such as this one. The first time I have felt a home in a very long time, but I am also being very well taken care of.

Jarryd’s Family is Lovely. I use the world lovely because they are the perfect type of medicine of family, when you haven’t been a part of one for a long time. Donna Gorman is the warmest woman on the planet, Isaiah can’t help but chat to her when he instantly is placed on her lap because her love is contagious and welcoming. She cooks the best meals, touches in endearing conversations, sings, and loves….it’s been a long time being in the company of a beautiful soul, woman and mother.

Paul Gorman is Hilarious. Like Father Like Son. He brings a charisma and energy that is very enduring and Isaiah gives his best smiles to him. I have never had a father figure in my life, but this man’s love for his children is admirable and I love when he walks outside every time we leave the house and sends us off. The love of being a parent.

I have spent time with Natalia, Jarryd’s sister who is kind and peaceful, she also has to be one of the most classically beautiful women I have seen, her personality also brings out her beauty and patience. I am looking forward to meeting Katherine, (Jarryd’s other sister) and her family this weekend :0

Australia is Family. I am sure the experiance may be different for everyone when they travel but for me, that is what Australia is. I believe everyone must travel in hopes of new information, awareness, soulsearching, etc. I am in love with the beauty, the calmness, the kindness, and it reminds me to come back to my center. I have lived a very chaotic life I feel and Australia has given me exactly what I have been longing for…comfort and home.

From the Australian Zoo, Dinners, Barbeques, Wayward Pines Marathon, and More….I have been able to be in peace with myself but also with human beings that remind me of what family means. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I needed this. I needed to come to a safe place and reconnect.

If you are in a hard place and need to reconnect, I recommend finding a place that you believe will bring you some kind of joy and peace. Even if it means you have to save money to do so, sometimes we need to be thrown out of our element and return back to our center.

I am very blessed to be here, and I am trying to take in every moment, each day at a time.

I am here for a reason

I am here with my Isaiah for a reason

I am with these amazing human beings for a reason

Thank you Australia. I am forever grateful for this time you have brought to my life.




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