AWAKE + International Women’s Day: A Match Made in Heaven

2015-02-25 12.14.02

Hello, beautiful, awakened people of the Internet!

Our next AWAKE show will be this Sunday, March 8th, which happens to be International Women’s Day!

All the details your hearts are craving are on the poster above, but just in case you missed it: $5 gets you in The Raven Playhouse on Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood. Bring some extra bills for wine + beer.

This is a revolving event. Though it takes place in a theatre, feel free to come late or leave early if needed, or get up between acts to refill your glass. Stand up and dance, cry, wave your arms, do a rain dance. Whatever. It’s chill. It’s awakened. It will blow your mind.

Our line-up of incredible female artists includes:

Jamie Janek, Jamie Lawrence, Kristal Adams, Maunda Oyin, Ashley Bates, Samm Aurelio, Britt West, Skyler Day, Arisa Safu, and Kristen Shapero.

To read more about our artists, visit our Meet the Artists page.

Be there. Be awake.



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